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The Project Management Debate Podcast is a weekly podcast that explores different topics related to project management, transformation, strategy, and leadership. The format is a 20-25 minute podcast where Phillip and Mary Elizabeth Diab debate key questions. Moreover, the structure includes a brief introduction, opening statements, questions and answers, and closing statements. The podcast is on SoundCloud for now, while in the process of being published on the iTunes store. Listen and take part in the debate online.

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Phillip Diab has over 20 years in leading global teams across 15 countries. With expertise in organizational strategy and execution, you are sure to get the best input as a leader. Along with that, he was also part of PMI's Governance Committee as well as the PMI Global Chairman in 2008. His specialties include Client Executive Relationship Management, PMO, Organizational Leadership, Governance, as well as Consulting

Mary Elizabeth Diab also has over 20 years of experience in management, business analysis, redesign, and automation. Working in vastly different sectors over the years, Ms. Diab has built critical thinking on diverse topics. Known to guide and achieve goals, Ms. Diab has been recognized as a reputable trainer. She has gained experience working with small organizations all the way up to massive corporations such as IBM and Lockheed Martin.

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