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The Smart People Podcast works slightly different than the typical business podcast. Hosts Chris Stemp and Jon Rojas spend most of their time speaking to successful people no matter their background. This helps bring out the tendencies and habits that you can use to your benefit and be on top of your game. Moving forward, both hosts will dive down in the psychological, and behavioral methods that these successful people abide by, and that you can establish in your life.


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Host Bio

Chris Stemp is a financial analyst, marketing expert, and entrepreneur who co-founded the Smart People podcast. Most recently, Chris has been focusing on launching the United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC), a non-profit that is trying to directly combat food-related disease.

Jon Rojas is the other host and co-founder, who has a diverse range of skills that enhance the podcast such as comedy, marketing, and corporate experience. Together with his partner, they prove a dynamic duo that has a lot of knowledge to share.

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