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The $ 100 MBA podcast is a daily show that places insights on almost everything in business. Omar Zenhom has had countless businesses facing his own highs and lows giving being an asset to this podcast. Moreover, he explains how to avoid everything from bad brand images to reinvesting into yourself. While most of his podcasts speak about self-improvement, he will teach you about managing teams. If you are seeking insights on business topics trending in business, Omar ensures to cover it within 10 minutes.

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Host Bio

Omar Zenhom is an award-winning Founder of WebinarNinja and The $100 MBA Show. His podcast has received the 2014 Best of Itunes Podcast award. he also has a long career in teaching business to the public as he feels that traditional methods fail to teach how to be an entrepreneur. He also is a strong advocate for remote team building and believes that businesses can be created without having a physical presence.

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