The Top 10 PDU Podcasts for Project Managers

If you’re looking for free PMP PDU’s why not start by listening to one of these free PDU podcasts? In this post we provide a list of ten great podcasts that you can listen to, to easily get free PDU’s for PMP renewal

Finding PDU podcasts free or otherwise, is worthwhile for your career development. Moreover, if you want to know which PM podcasts earn PDU for your PMP renewal, we’ve got you covered right here.

Seeking personal development is an important trait to have as a project manager. Considering that the world is changing at such a fast pace, it’s critical to adapt to these standards. If you are seeking to enhance your PDU, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free PDU podcasts for project managers. 

This weekly podcast hosted by Philip and Mary Elizabeth Diab is a great PDU podcast. It creates a perfect introduction to touchy subjects on product management. Having two different perspectives regarding diverse topics puts things into perspective. Furthermore, the hosts aren’t afraid to counter each others statements. However, I would have to recommend that “There is no room for introverts in project management”. As a first time listener, you’ll see both an introvert, and extrovert, speak on their position as project managers in the work force



Kendall Lott not only covers your typical project management. However, also seeks personal experience with every individual interviewed. He speaks about lesser known markets such as veterans and charity work. I would strongly suggest listening to “Volunteer Management ep. 55” to get a better idea on his podcast. 



For quick and effective PDU podcast coverage, Brian and Jamie ensure that every second count. In a matter of 10 minutes, they’ll have quick interviews with professionals of every type of industry for your convenience. The Scope of Success podcast takes professional development to a psychological level for everyone to understand. As a start, I would recommend, “Sense and Respond ep.68” to get a good understanding of their podcast style. 




This podcast just had to be added to the list. Mostly because both hosts, Jeremy and Lara aren’t afraid to banter against conventional stereotypes. Especially about work and how everyone can get around these misconceptions. However, the motivation provided to professionals in such a strong way is the icing on the cake. A suggestion for a podcast I would listen to “10 and below” ep. 69 to understand how special of a podcast it is. 


If you seek to have a more formal training and development with each episode, the Parallel Project Training Podcast is you top choice! The PMI ensures that every candidate interviewed during the episodes have a vast experience within their industry  making every second of this podcast very valuable. The topics are divers and any episode can give a good idea of the format of the podcast however, I would suggest  “6th Edition -Estimating” 


The Bureau of Briefing hosted by Carl Smith will definitely peak your interest if you’re interested in digital project management. The discussions spoken will always have a digital implication and how project managers can use this constantly evolving trend to their advantage. Simply one listen to his episode 103 “Gen X, Millennial’s and Organizational Conflict” will give you in depth information about the podcast. 

If you’re still thinking about how to get PMP PDU’s for free, check out this podcast. For anyone who’s been jumping into Product Management or simply wants a refresher (to properly train your PM) Cesar Abeid explains very well the ways of a project manager. Along the 20 episode podcast, Cesar interviews several friends and professors who give details to be the best project manager possible. The atmosphere is very welcoming and no information is too complicated to understand.  Simply starting with the first episode can give good information about Project management. 

Managing Projects is an in depth view on product management and how you can adopt to the evolution of the industry. Ron Smith seeks to educate the population of the project managers position and how to work at the highest caliber. He also ensures to dive deep into problems and get experts to explain solutions to these problems. “Generational Communication” ep. 12 gave insightful views on age gaps and simply placed everything in project management into perspective. 

Sprints & Milestones is very unique compared to other PM Podcasts. Greg and Brett speak of their experiences is project managers and tell people how to be good PM’s. They ill go into details about each category that is being covered. The podcast currently only has one season however many types of topics are discussed. Unlike other podcasts, S&M does not have interviews with experts as they are bringing their own expertise and colorful background to the table. S&M is an information packed podcast filled with laughs and stories. 

The $100 MBA Podcast had to be placed as the top spot because of it’s information. Winner of the Best podcast of 2014 on ITunes, Cesar Zenhom has listed over 1000 episodes for business professionals answering anything from starting your own business, to creating your own personal brand. The episodes are short lasting anywhere from 10-15 minutes each and makes it very clear that he has knowledge in the business world. From a PM perspective, episode 1206 “How to Know What To Work On First” gives valuable information anyone can retain. 

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