Don’t Miss These Top 10 Leadership Podcasts

As project managers are looking to build their own reputation, it’s critical to be a good leader yourself. Using proper leadership skills can engage, stimulate, and enhance your employee workforce to make every goal achievable. As such, leadership podcasts can be a great help with augmenting your skills of project management. 

To help you build the best leadership skills, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 leadership podcasts. This can be useful for anyone from the entire leadership listener, to the veteran listener as well.


Leadership Podcasts List

If you are interested in diverse topics centered around leadership, Strickland and Doug are here to help you! With vast knowledge in business in various industries both are able to give incredible insights in what a great leader entails. Along the ride, you will realize that both hosts have a good sense of humor and try and make light of any problems a regular manager/entrepreneur can be faced with. Moreover, The Nice Guys on Business is truly a positive oriented podcast that can get a smile on anyone’s face.

In podcast leadership- development, nobody is better than Ryan Hawk. With over 300 episodes discussing on self improvement, Ryan ensures that nobody is left in the dark. However, to make it even more interesting, Ryan brings in experts that can speak even further about the topic of the episode to really delve into the details. As such, this is a must listen podcast if you are looking for strictly leadership mindset learning. 

Tony Robbins has a strong presence in the business world and knows exactly how to think like a leader. With his vast experience meeting thousands across the world, Tony has the opportunity to speak to many famous professionals. This makes the podcast very interesting considering that you may hear of your favorite celebrities leadership styles. Tony ensures to depict every bit of information to get the most out of the podcast for the listeners. If you want to listen to someone famous speak about being a leader, this is the podcast for you! 

What is Leadership? What is transformational Leadership? These are some of the questions that Micheal Hyatt covers in his podcast “Lead to Win”. Furthermore, while defining these terms, Micheal ensures to have a bit of fun with the people he interviews by asking unusual questions. This can leave interviewee’s stumped and forced to dive into their prior experiences to give a picture of what leadership is to them. Micheal does wonderful work covering topics about leadership and ensures that every podcast is as educational as the last one. 

Daniel Im and Todd Adkins are strong communicators when it comes to leadership. Every interviewee is faced with five questions meaning that both Daniel and Todd have to really think before asking. This podcast is even more interesting due to the nature of the questions asked to the professional making them truly think before giving an answer. With that being said, 5 Leadership Questions is an amazing podcast if you are interested in short yet concise programs.

5. The EntreLeadership Podcast

With a name like EntreLeadership it has to be good. Hosted by Ken Coleman, this podcast looks at speaking with the brightest minds in leadership such as Marc Cuban and Seth Godin. The podcast will also speak about different characteristics of a leader and how to become the best in your industry. Ken takes many segments from the EntreLeadership Summit to incorporate into his podcast giving twice the amount of value you would typically receive in a regular podcast. 

Masters of Scale isn’t your typical small time podcast. Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, creates theories about scaling a business and giving insight to leaders on how to bring your business and your strategies to the next level. The Masters of Scale interviews famous entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt giving the biggest insights available in the business industry.

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast gives a different approach to leadership podcasts. Most podcasts are motivational and push you to take action. Although Andy does motivate his listeners to be a leader, he ensures that everything is done at it’s own pace. If you feel you want to take action, then he encourages to take action. Andy also takes the time to speak about other topics such as generational diversity and how to work with different mindsets really caring about his listeners. If you want more of a stress free educational podcast, the Any Stanley Leadership Podcast is for you!

2. The Manager Tools

One of the classic leadership podcasts that teach any manager the strategies that they need in their work environment without having to study inside of text books. Winner of ITunes “Best Business Podcast” of the year 2006/2007/2008 and 2012 proving its resourcefulness. Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman search to give information to managers and emerging leaders breaking down the information for anyone to understand. With over 300 episodes, Manager Tools is the corner stone to podcast learning while having fun with some intelligent hosts. 


TED Talks is like no other. Known as the head of public speaking, TED Talks has many presentations that are uploaded on a daily basis that covers almost anything imaginable. The information that is given is all extremely valuable while only one person is on stage. This may seem like a lecture that you have in college however the information provided is from factual, real life information that can inspire any leader to move forward with their endeavors. TED Talks has information for anyone and is highly recommended for any leader looking to enhance their business skills. 

Do you agree with our top leadership podcasts selection?  Tell us in the comments below! If this is not what you’re looking for, why not take a look at our Top 10 PDU podcasts for project managers 

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