Podcasts for Project Managers To Boost Your Career

Seeking self improvement is one of the best ways to stay on top and ahead of the game. As project managers, it is important to be role models for our team and perform for the company. To follow this, many people have found they felt better with simply doing minor adjustments to their lifestyle. This can increase their project management skills significantly. Listening to podcasts for project managers can definitely be the key to that boost.

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Listed below is some of the top podcasts for project managers to discover and improve your quality of life and boost your career. 


10. The Mindset and Motivation Podcast

Building yourself as a project manager is the first step to building prosperous surrounding. Host Rob Dial understand this at it’s core and ensures that it’s all within 20 minutes of your time. Ranked the #1 motivational podcast on iTunes, Rob spends his time inspiring his listeners with success habits.  Furthermore, for interested viewers, he has personal coaching sessions for people who are interested in bettering themselves. 

9. Stories in Business

Stories in Business gives leaders a different perspective on building a business with your team. Host Tom Wickstead speaks to successful leaders, managers, and authors who have been faced with many challenges in their lives. He ensures to depict the core issues with the interviewees to thoroughly build strong lessons for people to understand. Finally, Tom makes certain that every episode is filled with knowledge to give inspiration and new ideas for project managers.

8. Smart People Podcast

The Smart People Podcast works slightly different than the typical business podcast. Hosts Chris Stemp and Jon Rojas spend most of their time speaking to successful people no matter their background. This helps bring out the tendencies and habits that you can use to your benefit and be on top of your game. Moving forward, both hosts will dive down in the psychological, and behavioral methods that these successful people abide to, and that you can establish in your life.  

7. The Unmistakable Creative

The Unmistakable Creative has a nice mix between TEDTalks and Oprah. As a project management leader, it is important to keep your mind open to creativity. Host Srinivas Rao spends most of his time explaining how you can get out of a slump. Interestingly enough, Srinivas uses real life scenarios and will speak to guests who are experts in those fields on their advice. Finally, the podcast makes sure that you find a purpose in what you do and what you live for. Srinivas wants his listeners to discover their own version of success.

6. Business Wars

This podcast had to be included because of its uniqueness, although everyone speaks of it. Host David Brown will speak of some of the biggest rivalries businesses faced in our lifetimes. His ways to tell a story go beyond the usual interview discussions with storytelling of real life scenarios. David’s storytelling style makes any project manager reflect on their problems and how they can overcome issues that everyday people and businesses face. To conclude, if you want to listen about corporate company rivalries such as X Box and PlayStation, this podcast is for you. 

5. Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom is not your typical wisdom seeking podcast. With lots of insights on productivity and leadership, hosts David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt want you to succeed everyday. Following this, both hosts speak about changes in growth, marketing, sales, and how project managers and leaders can take advantage of these trends. To make things even better, the podcast has recently built weekly themes consisting growth or operations.

4. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes doesn’t only have a program that helps you better yourself. He has a podcast that can give you those insights for free.Leis tells inspiring stories from some of the greatest and biggest business, athletic, and celebrity minds there is. What makes this podcast important for our list for project managers is it’s incorporation of strategy. Lewis will discuss the components of what exactly makes a successful person the way they are, and how you can integrate it in your everyday life. 

3. Pick the Brain

As odd of a name this may be, the Pick the Brain podcast is interesting to listen to if you want to understand psychological responses to different events. Hosts Erin Falconer and Jeremy Fisher “pick the brains” of some of the  brightest people in the industry. Discussions can vary from improving your health, to productivity, both hosts understand the importance of prioritizing every minute of a day. Finally, since this podcast has a large variety of topics to discuss, each episode ensures to cover a new theme that can truly help you push yourself to be a better person everyday.

2. Heroine: Women's Creative Leadership, Confidence, Wisdom

With all leadership podcasts being demonstrated online, it’s important to include and recognize a podcast that displays the potential women can do as project managers and leaders. With that being said, host Majo Molfino brings light to female leaders who have played a great influence on how their industries are working. Majo interviews many leaders on the problems that they have faced growing their own brand, and how other women can overcome them. If you are looking for an insightful podcast that gives a tremendous amounts of valuable information, this is the podcast for you!

1. The Rework Podcast

Last but not least, we must include Rework: a podcsat by Basecamp.  Hosts Wailin Wong and Shaun Hildner speak to many entrepreneurs who have found success in more unconventional ways. To make it even more interesting, both hosts will periodically have the founders of Basecamp in the episodes to get their insights on previous interviews. The Rework podcast has a goal to enhance your productivity as project managers and bring up everyone’s motivation. Wailin and Shaun have a very welcoming personality that makes The Rework podcast, one of the best podcasts for project managers to be listening to.

Do you agree with our top podcasts for project managers? Tell us in the comments below! If this isn’t exactly what you were looking for, why not take a look at last weeks post when we ranked The 10 Best Management Podcasts of 2019


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