Project Manager Podcasts You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Have you listened to most project manager podcasts? Or simply wanting a free project management PDU podcast? This week we’ve compiled a list of 10 upcoming  project management podcasts that can help anyone seeking further training through a podcast. If you’re looking to increase your project management skills online here’s a quick look at some websites that can help.

Staying on top of current trends as a project manager is becoming more important than ever. This list of the best upcoming podcasts for project management ensures exactly that. The hosts of these podcasts are experts in their field and want to educate the public on how to be effective project managers. 


To start, Dave Prior has a unique approach to project management. With his vast background in technology and training, he interviews experts in the field while explaining for everyone can understand. This gives a more welcoming approach to his podcasts all while enjoying a few laughs to keep an uplifting conversation.  The Drunken PM Podcast is ideal for all who want a project manager podcast that has a more uplifting background.

The podcast itself has changed over the course of time from supplying information about free agencies, to being productive. Hosted by David Sparks and Mike Schmitz,  the stories will explain to listeners the importance of having tunnel vision on your goals. Both hosts admit to not being the most productive people out there, however are the most focused on their goals. 

This podcast had to be added to give a different perspective to project managers and how to look out for their employees. Hosted by Scott Anthony Barlow, this podcast will speak about making transitions to different careers. What to look out for when you’re unhappy at work, and how to make you, and your environment more enjoyable. Scott makes people understand that you’re not alone and that changing your mindset at work can make a positive difference.

As a  project manager, speaking clearly to a team is important, however maintaining relationships with suppliers and other businesses is just as important for future projects. Kwame Christian spends most of his time explaining fundamental criteria to having thought provoking negotiations with people. Along with that, Kwame seeks to try and increase his listeners confidence to be the strongest negotiators possible. 

Lisa  Cummings, a Certified Strengths Performance Coach helps you and your team be as effective as possible working together. As she explains, many of us only get assessed by our piers if we do something wrong instead of encouraging the process of doing better. Being fixated on the negative points at work is not the solution to productive teams. Lisa will explain in her podcast how to manage these situations. 

Pete Mockaitis will be your grill for this podcast as he questions some of the best leaders in their industry. As a project manager, working with your team and having critical thinkers makes a successful production. Pete will teach listeners actions you can take at your job to increase your chances of having a winning team.  As a result, his information will increase your skills in project management, all while increasing your teams productivity. 

This weekly podcast ensures that listeners cultivate their raw talent and use it in the workforce. Host Dave Stachowiak speaks and interviews many professionals with various background so his listeners can all be able to implement these tactics no matter the profession. With this in mind, Dave offers a free membership to his development program as well as a list of resources that you can use everyday. 

Project management wouldn’t be effective without having a productive team. Host Mike Vardy understands this and wants you to be a productive member of the team. Especially when you’re the project manager. Above all,  Mike ensures that the tips given are geared towards project managers and explains everyday use of this information. 

Beyond The To-Do List isn’t your typical productivity podcast. Erik Fisher speaks to all walks of life to hear of their strategies in becoming effective managers on and off work hours. His tactics of ensuring an effective workforce also help his interviewees build off of their own teams as well. Finally, Erik often asks personal life questions to interviewees to help everyone increase effectiveness outside of working hours.

To conclude, similar to the previous podcast, The ONE Thing seeks to build listeners productivity,  project management, and team building. Along with working with external aspects in life, host Geoff Woods speaks about health and habits that should be changed to make yourself feel at your best and tackle the biggest challenge. This podcast is a must liten to podcast if you’re looking to make you and your team as strong a s possible. 

Do you agree with our list of podcast? If this isn’t what you are looking for why not try and take a look at our Top 10 Leadership Podcasts. For this purpose, we’ll be discussing how you can be the best leader of your team!


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