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I just had to feature this incredible podcast because of its uniqueness. Host David Brown speaks of the biggest business wars in the past century, offering interesting insights. He goes beyond the conventional interviews by discussing real-life scenarios. His anecdotes make project managers reflect on their problems and how they can overcome issues that everyday people and businesses face.

The important thing to recall is that competition is healthy in ensuring the innovation from companies we love. However, sometimes business wars can add stress, and hurt the profitability of rival companies. Get a chance to learn about big rivalries in the corporate world such as X Box and PlayStation, or Adidas and Nike. After an insight into such business wars, you will understand the importance of planning, highlighting project management as more important.

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Host Bio

David Brown is an experienced radio host, having previously hosted the famous Marketplace radio program. He is also a lawyer, journalist and project management expert. Business Wars debuted on the iTunes podcast charts at #1 in 2018.

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